Flying Fathers’ Prayer & Theme Song

The Flying Fathers’ Prayer

Help me God to do your will
As I pass through this life …
Praying and playing for a better world.

Each part complements the
other and both are essential if I
am to fulfill that purpose.

All of us have been given talents,
abilities, and inner resources. May
we use these gifts well.

Your rules are my guiding light.
May I remember my position
on your team, God,
Today and Always.

The Flying Fathers’ Theme Song

We come from many places
All across this great land
Whenever there’s a need
To lend a helping hand
And we came together
As if by some decree
We became the Flying Fathers
And we go from sea to sea.


We play the game of hockey
And prove to everyone
That you can still have religion
And still can have some fun.
We’re playing and we’re praying
And we’re doing what we should
Even when we give out checks
We give out brotherhood.
We usually win most every game
Though sometimes it looks fixed
With cream pies, buying off the refs
And tricky hockey sticks.
We always try to pull a stunt
To score the winning goals
And even when we lose the game
We still have won some souls.